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Composition : Azure model, on a silver-plated wire : dyed azure agate, iridescent green crystal bead in the shape of cylinder, brass small dishes of flowers, strass green, 925 silver leverback.Discreet and romantic earrings to meet between friends or to work.

This model also exists in blue and pink with other gemstones.

Height : 2,5 in 3 cm from the earlobe (according to the model).

Weight : 2g

Sending 24 hours after the payment.

Earrings Pompadour : Azure agate

  • Composition :  

    • Azure model (Height : 2,5 cm from the earlobe), on a silver-plated wire : dyed azure agate (10 mm and 4 mm), iridescent green crystal bead in the shape of cylinder (6 mm, faceted), brass small dishes of flowers (bronze tone), strass green, 925 silver leverback.


    • Blue model (Height : 3 cm from the earlobe), on a silver-plated wire : chalcedony (12 mm, gemstones, blue/white), bead pearly light blue (5 mm), iridescent blue crystal bead in the shape of small cylinder (3 mm, faceted), brass small dishes of flowers (bronze tone), strass blue, 925 silver leverback.
    • Pink model (Height : 2,5 cm from the earlobe), on a silver-plated wire : pale rose quartz (10 mm), pearly bead (pink, 4 mm), iridescent pink crystal bead in the shape of small cylinder faceted (3 mm), brass small dishes of flowers (bronze tone), pink strass, 925 silver leverback.


    Presentation of the jewellery : Every jewellery is delivered in organza pouch and a small golden box. The creation is wrapped in some paper of silk.


    A cleaning cloth for silver and silver plated is offered to you. Therefore, it will unstick the fine film of oxidation which tarnishes your jewellery. Use : rub very slowly the metallic part of your jewellery with the polishing pad. It can also limit (slightly) the fine scratches.

    Two anti-tarnish tabs are also offered (which one already placed in the box of your earrings). Use 1 tab at the same time and replace it all 6 in 12 months (according to the place where you keep the earrings and the frequency of the use of the jewellery). The anti-tarnish tab is to be placed in the storage box near your jewellery to slow down the phenomenon of oxidation.


    For the sendings of presents, a card can be added with your text and your purchase sent to the person of your choice. If you wish to offer the creation, a nice gift bag can be given to you (to specify during your order).


    The materials : Findings are guaranteed without nickel, unleaded at the origin of most of the allergies. 


    * 925 Silver (called also Sterling Silver): 
    It contains at least 92,5% of silver, completed by 7,5 % of the other metals, most of the time the copper. The pure silver is very moldable. Consequently, it is this alloy of silver and metal which is going to confer on the material the robustness necessary for the preparation of jewellery. Synonyms : 925 silver, 925/1000 silver, sterling silver. In the field of the jewellery, the term "pure silver" is often used for the 925 silver, even though technically it is about an alloy.


    Silver-plated : it is about a fine coat of silver put on some brass most of the time by electrolysis. A thickness of 10 microns of silver is required to obtain the naming of silver-plated jewel.


    About the shop : Every creation is realized to the workshop in Paris (France). Sending 24 hours after the payment. Do not hesitate to contact the Designer for any demand of personalized jewellery.


    Reminder of maintenance : the jewellery in brass, golden, silver, gold-plated or silver-plated tend to tarnish because of the air pollution, of the acidity of the skin, the water, the abrasive products, the alcoholic products (cream, lacquer, perfume, etc.). To maintain all their brightness, think of removing your jewellery when you use household products. Having put of the perfume or some cream, having waited for 2 in 5 minutes before putting your jewellery. Do not wear your jewellery in the bath, the swimming pool, the sea or during your sports activities. When you do not wear them, tidy up your jewellery in a dry place and shielded from the air (in a hermetic box, of the tissue paper, etc.). Try not to mix too much metals (the brass with the brass, etc.).

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