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Adaptez votre bijou

Everything is made in small series to have the pleasure of wearing jewelry that you will not find on everyone.

You can also adapt some of our jewels to your tastes (color of fine stones, color of your chain, etc.).

On certain jewelery sheets in our shop you can personalize your jewel, depending on the stock available at the workshop. You can thus:  

  • Change the color of the stones

  • Modify the earring system (sleeper, hook, non-pierced ear)

  • Adjust chain length  

  • Choose texture - warp pattern

  • Change the metal (silver or gold color) on certain models

If the change options you want are not available on the jewel's sheet, you can contact us to ask us what adaptation is possible for your jewel.


To make a personalized order you can:  

  • Either go to the Seasonal designers shop at 110 rue Caulaincourt Paris 18th

  • Either contact us:

Give the person of your choice a gift card valid for 2 years (from your payment).

Commande sur mesure
Carte cadeaux

In short, we do our best  to give you The Right to the Beautiful Life  !

Guide des tailles

Size guide

Necklace length

  • To measure the desired length: take a thread and put it at the desired level in front of your neck or décolleté, then go around your head and cut the thread. Measure the resulting length.

Ex. :  Between 35 cm and 37 cm you have a so-called choker necklace (choker).

Le Droit à la Belle Vie ©_taille collier

Ring size

  • Method 1: Measure your wrist circumference using a thread (which you will put on a ruler) or a seamstress tape measure. To do this, tuck your shoot inside as in the picture and refer to the table below to find out the size of your wrist and choose the right size of bangle.

Le Droit à la Belle Vie ©_mesurer son po

Ring size

  • Method 2: Measure one of your rods using a millimeter ruler, take the inside diameter and refer  see the table below to find out your bangle size

Le Droit à la Belle Vie ©_taille jonc_2

Bracelet size and open cuff

  • Measure your wrist circumference using a thread (which you will put on a ruler) or a seamstress tape measure. Put the thread or the tape measure just above the bone  of the wrist. Order a bracelet with chain or a cuff (for its adjustment of the same length as that found on your measurement.  

Example: Your wrist measures 15  cm = you order a bracelet with a length of 15 cm. As a reminder, we always add 2 to 3 cm for the extension chain so that the bracelet is easier to put on and that it does not tighten you.

Le Droit à la Belle Vie ©guide-taille-br

Ring size

  • Method 1: Measure your finger circumference  using a thread (which you refer to a ruler) or a seamstress meter. Then refer to the table below to find your ring size.

Example: if the circumference of your finger is 52mm (its circumference = 5.2 cm), your size is 52.


  • Method 2: ​ Measure one of your rings using a millimeter ruler, take the inside diameter and refer to the table below to find your ring size.


Example :

If the diameter of the ring you took home has a diameter of 16mm, your size is 52.

Free delivery



Order refund

Exchange and Credit

After sales service

Delivery is offered :

  • from 49 € of purchases

  • for loyal customers  from the 5th purchase. Delivery is offered. A code is then sent to you to make your next purchases.

You get a discount  by subscribing to our Newsletter :  

  • 15% when you subscribe to our Newsletter. Your discount is applied to your first order. The discount is valid for 12 months from your date of registration.

  • 20% on your anniversary date. The discount is valid 2 months before and 2 months after your birthday date, i.e. a period of validity of 4 months.


Subscribe to Newsletter

Our loyal customers benefit , for their orders  made on our Internet store, a discount of :

- 30% for every €300 of purchases.

- 15% for every €100 of purchases.

You must combine your purchases and choose to benefit from one of the two discounts (they cannot be combined). The discount is valid without any time limit other than the duration of existence of our company and the Le Droit à la Belle Vie brand .

The amount of purchases made in our physical points of sale cannot be combined with the amount of purchases made on our website. Our physical stores have their own discount policy to thank you for your loyalty.

14 days to change your mind : 

If a creation does not meet your expectations, you have 14 days to send it back to us by letter followed and carefully packaged.

You will then be offered either:

  • a refund for any return of the jewel to our workshop,

  • an exchange,

  • or a Credit note if the exchange is not possible.

We cover the cost of return upon simple written request from you.


A personalized creation is not refunded and is not accepted in return except to make an adjustment (eg chain length). We will offer you a solution if the jewelry can be changed.

You have 14 days to request an exchange of your jewelry instead of a refund.

Jewelry returned for exchange or refund must not be worn or damaged.  The after-sales service reserves the right to refuse the return or refund if the above conditions are not met.

In the event that the exchange is not possible, we will either refund your order to your bank account (after having provided us with your bank details), or a refund in the form of a credit note for a maximum period of validity of 12 months from its date of issue. You choose what you prefer: refund or credit note . The jewel that has been returned is then kept in our workshop and either the transfer to your bank account is made or the credit note is sent to you.

Creations, whether personalized or not, can be adjusted free of charge (eg: enlargement or reduction of the channel) . For adjustments, postage costs are borne by our company for shipments from the seller (us) to the buyer (you).

Benefit from a free, lifetime after-sales service (within the limit of the existence of the company!) and the availability of parts in our workshop and/or at our suppliers.  

Under the conditions of our General Terms and Conditions of Sale , in the event of a problem with a jewel (manufacturing defect, spontaneous breakage (by you, a third party, an animal, etc.), natural wear and tear: contact the Company. We will always try to find a suitable solution as far as possible and reasonable to satisfy you .

All repairs are free and for life (within the limit of the existence of the Le Droit à la Belle Vie brand and the company DBv Creations) . We can clean your jewelry once a year for free.

If an element of your jewelry cannot be repaired, we will propose a modification and in any case we will find the most reasonable and satisfactory solution for both parties.

To facilitate returns, it is important to specify: 

- Your name (or even the person who gave you the jewel)

- The date of purchase (even approximate)

-  The reason for repair

- The return address

Livraison offerte
Remise si newsletter
Rembousement commande

Presentation of jewelry

Présentation des bijoux

All your jewels are delivered with their presentation packaging . Depending on the models:  

- a red box

- a red organza or black velvet pouch.

Our creations are ready to offer on simple request: We provide you with a  gift bag (free) + accompanying card with your text (if you provide it to us). We send your invoice to your mailbox and your gift to the person of your choice with their guarantee certificate.

All jewelry is guaranteed free of nickel, cadmium and lead (the main allergens prohibited in Europe).

For jewelry that allows it, a polishing pad or cleaning cloth and two anti-tarnish blotters are offered.


The white polishing pad : It will allow you to easily maintain your jewel. It is suitable for jewelry made of raw metals such as brass, copper, silver or solid gold. Do not use on gold/silver/etc plating. It is made (USA) from cellular foam coated with micro-abrasive particles. As a result, it will take off the thin film of oxidation that tarnishes your jewellery. Use: gently rub the metal part of your jewel with the polishing pad. It can also (slightly) reduce fine scratches.

The cleaning wipe : for some of our jewelry we provide you with a cleaning wipe suitable for silver or silver-plated or gold / gold-plated jewelry.


Anti-tarnish blotters: Two blotters are available for creations that require it. A blotter will already be placed in the jewelry box. Use 1 blotter at a time and replace it every 6-12 months (depending on where you keep the jewelry and how often it is used). The blotter should be placed in the storage box near your jewelry to slow down the oxidation phenomenon.

Matières utilisées

The materials used

fine stones


Our workshop uses fine stones from all over the world as France is not lucky enough to have a soil rich in fine stones.

Attention : each fine stone used for your jewel is unique . We cannot guarantee that you will have the same stone as the one pictured on our website. If you wish to modify the stones of your jewel, we can send you a photo of the stones likely to correspond to your tastes.

Our suppliers have their lapidaries (specialists in stone cutting for jewelry) in France, Germany, India and Indonesia (two major countries specialized for millennia in this art of stone cutting for jewelry).


We use agates (natural or tinted), lapis lazuli, carnelian, aventurine, amazonite, aquamarine, jasper, malachite, onix, opal, rose quartz, rock crystal, Ethiopian opal, etc. We also have precious stones like rubies.

Our glass bead weaves are made with Japanese Miyuki beads renowned for their color and high durability.

Bohemian pearls come directly from the Czech Republic, the country that invented this technique since the 19th century.

Our Murano glass beads come from the Venice region of Italy, the country that invented this technique.

Pierre fine
Métax utilisés

Metals used


The finishes (stem, sleeper, earring hook, etc.) are guaranteed nickel-free, cadmium-free, lead-free, the cause of most allergies.


Gold / Gold-filled 14 carats  : This is an English legal name for silversmithing. The technique consists of putting a solid envelope of gold affixed hot or by pressure on a metallic base such as copper or brass. The gold-filled finish is a treatment widely used in the USA. The US Federal Trade Commission (consumer protection body) has defined the proportions to be respected. For 14-carat Gold-filled, the weight of gold corresponds to 1/20 (i.e. 5%) of the total weight of the product. This is approximately 50 to 100 times more gold than in a gold plated product.
It is much more resistant than a classic gold plated insofar as a gold-filled product will oxidize much less quickly.

Gold filled

Free delivery

From 49€ of purchases or at a low price from 3€

Free delivery for loyal customers

Le Droit à la Belle Vie ©

Gold plated : This is a technique particularly used in goldsmithing which consists in putting, by electrolysis, a thin layer of gold on metal (brass or copper). In France, the standards impose a thickness of 3 microns of gold.


The Gold Flash : This is a brass base covered with a fine plating of pure gold. Also called "flash plating", the thickness of the gold layer generally does not exceed 1 micron, or even 0.5 micron.


925 silver (also called Sterling Silver) : It contains at least 92.5% silver, supplemented by 7.5% of other metals, most often copper. Pure silver is very malleable. Therefore, it is this alloy of silver and metal that will give the material the robustness necessary for making jewelry. Synonyms: 925 silver, 925/1000 silver, sterling silver. In the field of jewelry, the term "solid silver" is often used for 925 silver, even though technically it is an alloy.


Rhodium silver : This is silver whose surface is coated with a protective layer of rhodium (component of platinum). Rhodium is a precious metal (rarer and more expensive than gold). Rhodium silver is a process used in jewelery which consists of electrolytically coating a 925 silver jewel with rhodium in order to avoid oxidation of the silver for greater stability of the jewel.


Silver plated : This is a thin layer of silver placed on brass most often with the silver "flash" technique (electrolysis). A thickness of 10 microns of silver is required to obtain the designation of silver-plated jewellery.


Gemstones : Gemstones are minerals. In France, the term semi-precious is no longer authorized since the decree of January 14, 2002 n°2002-65. These are stones that are not part of the classification of the four gems which are the diamond, the sapphire, the ruby and the emerald. The CIBJO has drawn up a list of them (Confédération Internationale de Bijouterie, Joaillerie, Goldsmithing of diamonds, pearls and stones). Ex.: malachite, jasper, amethyst, etc.


Bohemian beads: Our bohemian beads come from the Czech Republic. This country since the 18th century has invented glass and crystal beads of very high quality and incomparable brilliance.

Miyuki beads : These beads are imported from Japan. The Japanese production of glass beads began in the early 1940s. The Miyuki brand was founded in 1949. This brand quickly became a renowned glass bead manufacturer around the world. Their pearls are the guarantee of a very good quality due, in particular, to their regularity and their beautiful shine.


All our leathers come from scrap leather from French luxury leather goods and our suppliers are in Paris.

Maintenance tips

Your jewel can be cleaned once a year for free in our workshop in Paris. For this, it suffices:

  • Either go to the Seasonal designers shop at 110 rue Caulaincourt Paris 18th

  • Either send us your jewel to the workshop at DBV Creations / Sobesky 2 rue du nord 75018 Paris (do not send your jewel to the head office).

You must keep the jewelry in a dry and temperate place.

The gold of the jewels, the brass can acquire a slight patina over time. To revive their original color, clean your jewelry with a soft cloth.


The use of jewellery, hair accessories with Japanese paper and/or fabric is not indicated for going to the swimming pool or the sea. These jewels and accessories can however resist (a little) the rain in the as they have been varnished.

If you want to slow down the natural oxidation process of your jewelry (brass, gold-filled, silver, etc.), avoid contact with cosmetics (perfumes, creams) as much as possible. It is advisable to let creams and perfumes dry for at least 5 to 10 minutes before wearing your jewellery.

Le Droit à la Belle Vie jewels, despite all the attention of the designer to guarantee maximum solidity, are delicate due to the choice of more or less fine materials, chains and rings. They are therefore not suitable for the practice of physical or outdoor activities that may subject them to shocks, twists, violent tearing. It is also not advisable to sleep with jewelry or play sports with it.


It is advisable not to keep your jewelry to shower, go to the pool or the beach. If you go to the beach or to the swimming pool with your jewellery, clean it delicately with water to remove the chlorine and chemical products as well as the sea salt then dry it with a soft cloth.



Tips for freshwater pearl and cultured pearl :


A freshwater pearl and a cultured pearl always contain a tiny amount of water, so they like to be hydrated.


To maintain your pearl, wear it as often as possible to keep its shine (thanks to friction against your skin) and clean it with a soft, slightly damp cloth to remove deposits. Never spray perfume directly on the pearl.


Be careful, skin that is too acidic will eat away at the pearl. If this is your case, opt for a pearl mounted and protected on a support, so that your skin is in contact with the support, and not with the pearl. For pearls that may be in direct contact with your skin, prefer an outfit where the jewel will be placed on a garment.

The acidity of the skin can give a graying effect to your pearls. In this case, all you have to do is pass them under water with a little natural soap (eg: Marseille soap).

Advice for opals :

Never wash an Ethiopian opal with soap (in your shower, etc.). You risk causing it to lose its natural rainbow luster (iridescence). Opal stone dislikes soap, all cosmetics and other cleaning products. On the other hand, opal loves water: this allows it to rehydrate and therefore maintain its iridescence and avoid causing small cracks.


Retrouvez encore plus de modèles de nos collections dans
notre showroom situé dans la boutique

Les créateurs de saison - Boutique éphémère (cliquez sur le lien)

49 rue Ramey
75018 Paris

Calendrier pour 2024 :

17/05 au 26/05

28/06 au 07/07

26/07 au 04/08

27/09 au 06/10

08/11 au 17/11

06/12 au 22/12

de 11h30 à 19h30 du lundi au samedi
de 12h30 à 20h le dimanche


Rencontrez la créatrice pour réaliser des modèles sur mesure
Pour prendre rendez-vous, téléphonez au - Merci de laisser un message sur le répondeur. Nous vous rappellerons.
ou envoyez un mail à



Le Droit à la Belle Vie, Bijoux fabriqués à Paris

Paiement sécurisé

Payez vos achats en cartes bleue ou Paypal en toute confiance.

Payez en 4 fois sans frais avec Paypal (sous conditions de montant de commande et acception de votre dossier par Paypal. Un crédit vous engage).

Free delivery

From 49€ of purchases or at low prices from 3€.

Free delivery for loyal customers
(from the 5th purchase).


La livraison est offerte dès 49€ d'achats en France métropolitaine et de 59€ dans le reste du monde.


Frais de livraison à partir de 2€.

Choix entre lettre de suivie et Colissimo.

Livraison offerte pour les client.e.s fidèles quel que soit le montant de la commande (à partir du 5ème achat).

Handmade delivered quickly

Delivery between 3 days and 10 days after your payment:  

  • 10 days for Miyuki bead weaving cuffs

  • 3 days for the rest of the store

  • Delivery by letter followed or Colissimo.

Livraison entre 3 jours et 10 jours après votre paiement : 

  • 10 jours pour les manchettes en tissage de perles Miyuki

  • 3 jours pour tout le reste de la boutique

  • Livraison en Lettre suivie ou Colissimo.

Satisfied or refunded

Everyone has the right to be wrong.

Return your order within 14 days!

Not valid for custom orders.

Tout le monde a le droit de se tromper.

Retournez votre commande sous 14 jours !

Non valable pour les commandes personnalisées.

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